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Advancial Credit Union – Katrina Fowlkes

Phone:  281-679-1133 x 4125

E-mail:  kfowlkes@advancial.org

Setting up a Personal Bank Account:

Advancial Credit Union – Katrina Fowlkes

Phone:  281-679-1133 x 4125

E-mail:  kfowlkes@advancial.org


Advancial Credit Union has expatriate (EX - PAT) services that include a bank account, home loans, and auto loans. 

Getting approved for a mortgage loan

Currently, Advancial Credit Union is offering a relocation mortgage with special rates for employees relocating with their family. Below are the guidelines for being approved for a loan:

  1. Minimum of at least 5% down without U.S. Credit history**
  2. They can work with a local Houston banker from one of our branches but will need to make sure that the local rep they are working with is aware that they are part of a Corporate relocation and, in turn, registers the loan with our dept. to make sure that they are getting all of the relocation rates and benefits.
  3. Will need to have an eligible work Visa before closing.
  4. May need to show proof of application for a U.S. Social Security Number before closing.

Any amount less than 20% down will likely require 3-4 alternative credit reference letters.  This can be letters from a bank, landlord, utility company, etc. that they have used in their country of origination stating that they have had open accounts for at least 12 months and made all payments on time.  This letter will also have to be written or translated into English.  Also, certain counties may require more than 5% down if our appraiser lists that there is an over-supply of homes in the area or it is a declining market (there is nothing in the Houston area that this would apply to right now).