We understand that moving to a new location is difficult for the entire family and a trying time for children. Your move can be a positive adventure for all if you make it a true family affair. Talk with your children about your move as soon as the decision is made. Create a positive environment about the move through your thoughts and actions. Every child two years of age or older, depending on the child's abilities and development, should take part in family discussions and help plan for the move. Create a TEAM environment.

  • Let your kids tell the neighborhood that you're moving.
  • Let them help plan for the care of plants and/or pets during the move.
  • Help them collect addresses of their friends and neighbors (don't forget e-mail addresses).
  • Have a “good-bye old friends” party.
  • If your children don't accompany you on a preliminary visit, take pictures of your new home and community.
  • Research your new community so you can talk about the neighborhood, the house, the schools, local areas of interest, and the benefits your family will enjoy in your new home.
  • Involve your children in plans to decorate their new bedrooms or play areas, including color choices, decoration, and arrangement of furniture.
  • Make new friends and become involved and active in your new community immediately. Your children will follow your example during this period of transition.
  • Encourage your children to keep in touch with old friends while they also enjoy making new friends.

Be sympathetic to your children's particular needs and fears, but take heart. Children adjust quickly, even those who may have reacted negatively or been overly concerned.