Your Utility service provider will depend on the location of your home or apartment. Your Realtor or Leasing Agent will assist you with the contact numbers prior to your move in.


Natural Gas in the Greater Houston area is handled by Center Point Energy and can be activated online.  There is usually a small deposit required that can be either paid online or added to your first bill.  Go to and sign up.  A credit check will be run.


Water and wastewater within the city limits of Houston is handled by the city of Houston and you can also enroll online.   However, if you are in one of the suburbs or in an unincorporated area, your water is handled by a M.U.D. (Municipal Utility District).  Almost all of the M.U.D.'s require that the occupant of the house (or apartment) come into their office to have their water turned on.  Your real estate agent will know (or should know) what M.U.D. your house is in.  A deposit is required and must be paid before your water is turned on.


Electricity is a different matter.  Because of recent changes, electricity has become a commodity.  The production of electricity and the maintenance of transmission lines is still handled by one company, however, the marketing and billing of that electricity is handled by a variety of companies.  You can go to to see a list of companies that have been authorized by the Public Utilities Commission to sell electricity in your area.  Before you sign up with anyone of these companies, you might want to check with us at We have negotiated with several of the companies on that list and can get you a "better than published" price.


Phones also fall into the commodity category.  While traditional phone lines are still regional, you are no longer forced to use the “carrier of choice” of that region.  They are no longer “the only game in town”.  You can go digital, VoIP, or cellular.  With these options, there are many choices. 

The top cell phone providers in the area are as follows: