What you need to register your child for school:

  1.  Immunization record certified by  a doctor or public health official
  2. Transcript or report card from the last school attended
  3. Birth certificate or other document suitable as proof of a child's identity
  4. Proof of residency is required upon enrollment.  (Examples:  lease agreement or mortgage payment book, district tax bill, utility bill with correct name and address)

Accountability Ratings for Public Schools

 An accountability plan called the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills or TAKS is the statewide, student evaluation program. The focus of TAKS is on academic achievement and producing the nation’s best students. The accountability ratings are as follows for public schools:

  • Exemplary                (The Best)
  • Recognized               (Great)
  • Acceptable                (Okay)
  • Unacceptable            (Bad)

Your housing specialist, or Realtor, will guide you to the school options based on the area you choose to live in and arrange a tour of the schools for you. It is advisable that you visit the schools you plan for your children to attend and not just rely on the accountability system.

The following are some of the top private schools in Houston:

The following are just a few Universities that you can find in Houston: